Today is a new day

Things feel a little better today, I was able to get some of the assignments out of the way and most of the important dates in my new and pretty planner.  We were “encouraged” to get the gigantic full sized ones to keep track of our assignments.  I fought it at first but after the second day I realized how much I had to keep track of so I purchased a pretty brown and pink one for breast cancer awareness.  I have never been very good at daily schedules because I work better off of a weekly “to-do” list but I had so many things due I actually had to schedule time to get them done (in pencil of course). We were all trained on the ATI system today and even though it seems overwhelming I can see how helpful it will be.

As far as the actual classes go, I’m still really excited to learn the material.  Some of the things that the instructors talk about seem like common sense but then they’ll give an example from their nursing career and most of the medications and therapies sound like a foreign language.  OK, off to finish more homework!



Wow, 2nd day of school today and my head is spinning.  I don’t even know where to begin, maybe that it’s midnight and I’m not in bed?  I have been reading posts of nursing students and about all the work but I still underestimated the amount of work I will need to out in this quarter.  I have received 4 syllabi/schedule/point packets and will get the last fun packet tomorrow.  5 total because of labs (APII, Nursing Foundations/Lab, Pharmacology/Lab).  At this point I have a total of 17 chapters, 4 ATI modules and 3 assignments due next week and that’s not counting the fun activities that are in the packet I’ll be getting from Nursing Foundations lab tomorrow.

The good news is that I’m still excited and have been able to get the schedules somewhat organized into one location so I can see what needs to be done.  The bad news is my husband is traveling right now so there are lots of extra activities each night for my pleasure like soccer, karate and confirmation.  We’re going up north on Thursday after school (no school for them on Good Friday).  It seemed like a great idea to get away when we were looking at schedules a few weeks ago but right now I see lots of time I could be getting my stuff done.  Oh well, it will be nice to enjoy some family time perhaps I can sneak in a little reading here and there when everyone is busy :-).

almost there

My online AP II class schedule is posted so now I can get everything onto my calendar.  One of my favorite parts of a new quarter is the getting everything organized, it’s a little like x-mas.  I’m really motivated, just hope this feeling lasts through the quarter!

I had hard time getting through the AP book (Marieb, 8th edition) for AP I because there is  so much information.  I’m going to try creating a rough outline in Word of the chapter based on headings and fill it in as I read.  Does anyone have other tips? Any tips for Pharmacology would be greatly appreciated as well :-).

In other news, my husband and I are going up to our lake lot today while the kids are in school.  Just a day trip to make sure the camper is still standing and to make some plans for the summer like building a shed and deck.  We purchased the 5 acre property last fall and are very excited to spend time up there with the kids boating, swimming and generally goofing off.  We’ve been pulling our camper all over the state last past couple of years so it’ll be nice to have our own spot free of park officials and other campers so close you can touch them.  I bought a Wi-Fi hot spot thing so I’ll be able to study if needed, we’ll see how that goes. Other plans for the weekend include karate and soccer for the kids, gun safety training for my 12 year old, sleepover for my 14 year old daughter (hello pre-teens) and getting some stuff done before classes start.


Almost there

It’s Wednesday, a few more days until classes begin.  I haven’t quite finished all of the items on my last “to-do” list but I’m getting there.  3 out of the 4 chapters for Nursing Foundations are complete.  It’s a lot of history, insurance information and ethics.  Our instructor sent us the power points and I;m going through the chapters pretty thoroughly because I have no idea what the tests are like.

I’ve been part of Farrel’s Extreme Body (FXB) for about 6 months and I decided to switch to the 6:00 am class.  It’s a great program and very motivating, Google it if you’re curious.  I was going to the 5:30 pm class but I need a new routine and I figure I have to be up for my 8:00 classes anyway.  I’m pretty good about exercising but the eating part always throws me for a loop so the scale stays the same.  Oh well, one of these days it’ll all come together.

OK, I have to get to my day.  Get the kids off to school, errands and that dang “to-do” list!

9 days and counting

Happy Saturday!  I love the weekends but I’m always so busy running after the kids that I blink and it’s Monday again.

I’ll admit it, I’m really excited for my nursing classes to start.  I know I’ll be really busy and even though I complain I would take busy over bored anytime.  The thing I worry about the most is making sure my kids and husband don’t feel like I’ve abandoned them.  My kids are in 8th, 6th and 4th grades and I’ve been able to be here for them before and after school for the past 5 years.  They know this is important to me so hopefully everything will be ok.  My husband is really supportive which is a relief.  We’ve been married for 19 years and he has lived through many of my crazy ideas.

I already have homework, 4 chapters of my huge nursing book to read (Basic Nursing) and the accompanying workbook  pages.  The book is huge, I wonder if it’s the same text we’ll be using for the next 4 quarters?  I can’t imagine getting through it in 11 weeks and it seems to cover everything you would ever want to know.  I’ve also been looking through my dosage calculation book and it seems pretty easy.  I’m pretty good at math but I don’t want to make any stupid mistakes.  There was something about having to take a math test at the beginning of the class and that we have to get 100%, hopefully it’s the easier stuff at the beginning of the book.

So, my list of things to get done this week are:  1.  Deep clean the house for spring, not my favorite activity.  2.  Finish some scrapbooking, I love it but I want to go digital and I have some holes to fill in before I can get rid of all of my stuff.  3. Finish an A&P class I’m taking on-line.  It’s pretty simple, I purchased it to get a jump on some of the material and since I paid for it I want to use it. 4.  Finish our taxes, yikes, I can’t believe it’s the end of March already!  5.  Finish the chapters that are due for Nursing Foundations.  Wow, lots of “finishing” in that list.  I can do it!  OK, now I sound like that guy on Sat Night Live years ago, the affirmation guy? If I start leaving myself notes around my house I’ll let you know 🙂


Welcome to my new adventure. I am an older student returning to the classroom after 20 years and am both scared and excited. My first degree was in Biochemistry and I spent 15 years in a pharmaceutical research lab. I decided it was time to take a break and spend some much needed time with my three children so I switched to part time. I love taking care of them but I need something more so I decided to go into nursing. It’s too late for me to go to medical school (not getting any younger here) but nursing will fit all of the things I love to do. I like taking care of people, have always wanted to be in the medical field and it seems like it will be good fit as my kids get older. I’m not sure about this blogging thing so I hope if anyone reads them they will stick with me and/or give me some feedback 🙂

I am currently on a 2 week break.  I started last quarter (winter) with Communications, Computers, Human Biology and Medical Terminology.  I took them all on-line and was honestly kind of bored.  I had already taken Medical Terminology, A&P I, Chemistry and College Algebra when I started this crazy dream of going back to school.  Medical Terminology didn’t transfer so it was a breeze.  The others were easy too and I managed all A’s.  I’m happy but it wasn’t very difficult.

My classes for spring quarter are A&P II, Pharmacology and Nursing Foundations.  I’m so excited to actually learn something nursing related.  I’ll post a picture of the books I received soon, it’s quite a stack!  OK, the kids are going to be home from school soon so I should get something productive done.