almost there

My online AP II class schedule is posted so now I can get everything onto my calendar.  One of my favorite parts of a new quarter is the getting everything organized, it’s a little like x-mas.  I’m really motivated, just hope this feeling lasts through the quarter!

I had hard time getting through the AP book (Marieb, 8th edition) for AP I because there is  so much information.  I’m going to try creating a rough outline in Word of the chapter based on headings and fill it in as I read.  Does anyone have other tips? Any tips for Pharmacology would be greatly appreciated as well :-).

In other news, my husband and I are going up to our lake lot today while the kids are in school.  Just a day trip to make sure the camper is still standing and to make some plans for the summer like building a shed and deck.  We purchased the 5 acre property last fall and are very excited to spend time up there with the kids boating, swimming and generally goofing off.  We’ve been pulling our camper all over the state last past couple of years so it’ll be nice to have our own spot free of park officials and other campers so close you can touch them.  I bought a Wi-Fi hot spot thing so I’ll be able to study if needed, we’ll see how that goes. Other plans for the weekend include karate and soccer for the kids, gun safety training for my 12 year old, sleepover for my 14 year old daughter (hello pre-teens) and getting some stuff done before classes start.



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