Almost there

It’s Wednesday, a few more days until classes begin.  I haven’t quite finished all of the items on my last “to-do” list but I’m getting there.  3 out of the 4 chapters for Nursing Foundations are complete.  It’s a lot of history, insurance information and ethics.  Our instructor sent us the power points and I;m going through the chapters pretty thoroughly because I have no idea what the tests are like.

I’ve been part of Farrel’s Extreme Body (FXB) for about 6 months and I decided to switch to the 6:00 am class.  It’s a great program and very motivating, Google it if you’re curious.  I was going to the 5:30 pm class but I need a new routine and I figure I have to be up for my 8:00 classes anyway.  I’m pretty good about exercising but the eating part always throws me for a loop so the scale stays the same.  Oh well, one of these days it’ll all come together.

OK, I have to get to my day.  Get the kids off to school, errands and that dang “to-do” list!


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