Welcome to my new adventure. I am an older student returning to the classroom after 20 years and am both scared and excited. My first degree was in Biochemistry and I spent 15 years in a pharmaceutical research lab. I decided it was time to take a break and spend some much needed time with my three children so I switched to part time. I love taking care of them but I need something more so I decided to go into nursing. It’s too late for me to go to medical school (not getting any younger here) but nursing will fit all of the things I love to do. I like taking care of people, have always wanted to be in the medical field and it seems like it will be good fit as my kids get older. I’m not sure about this blogging thing so I hope if anyone reads them they will stick with me and/or give me some feedback 🙂

I am currently on a 2 week break.  I started last quarter (winter) with Communications, Computers, Human Biology and Medical Terminology.  I took them all on-line and was honestly kind of bored.  I had already taken Medical Terminology, A&P I, Chemistry and College Algebra when I started this crazy dream of going back to school.  Medical Terminology didn’t transfer so it was a breeze.  The others were easy too and I managed all A’s.  I’m happy but it wasn’t very difficult.

My classes for spring quarter are A&P II, Pharmacology and Nursing Foundations.  I’m so excited to actually learn something nursing related.  I’ll post a picture of the books I received soon, it’s quite a stack!  OK, the kids are going to be home from school soon so I should get something productive done.


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