Today is a new day

Things feel a little better today, I was able to get some of the assignments out of the way and most of the important dates in my new and pretty planner.  We were “encouraged” to get the gigantic full sized ones to keep track of our assignments.  I fought it at first but after the second day I realized how much I had to keep track of so I purchased a pretty brown and pink one for breast cancer awareness.  I have never been very good at daily schedules because I work better off of a weekly “to-do” list but I had so many things due I actually had to schedule time to get them done (in pencil of course). We were all trained on the ATI system today and even though it seems overwhelming I can see how helpful it will be.

As far as the actual classes go, I’m still really excited to learn the material.  Some of the things that the instructors talk about seem like common sense but then they’ll give an example from their nursing career and most of the medications and therapies sound like a foreign language.  OK, off to finish more homework!


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